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How to improve your posture after pregnancy

Say hello to a new mumma posture ladies! You carried a baby who has physically changed your body and now between nursing, feeding and everyday mum life, your shoulders are looking slouchy, your head is slightly forward, your tailbone is tucked and let's not get started on our hips. What is important to note, is that these posture changes can be the reason you have started experiencing a serious of issues like headaches, neck and back pain and low energy.

We hear you! and we have asked F45 Head Coach Katrina Bruce for her top tips when trying to realign that mumma posture postpartum at home. 

Kat's recommendation:

▫️ Roll shoulders back & think of having a proud chest 

▫️ Tuck tail bone to recruit some gluteal engagement 

▫️ Focus on pulling in and tightening abdominals 

▫️ Keep knees soft. Softening knees create opportunity for legs to help support the load of the spine and also make it easier to brace your abdominals

Watch this simple demonstration and give it a try. 

Please note: Anything beyond this exercise related to posture should be passed by a Physiotherapist to ensure abdominal separation is safe to exercise on. 


The most important things to focus on are:

Rounded shoulders:

This leads to extended time with curvature of the thoracic spine often resulting in neck & back issues. Issues of which a new mum could do without while they try to navigate looking after a small demanding human amidst sleep deprivation and all other weird and wonderful changes and challenges.

We spend so much time hunched over our babies tending to their every need, our body confidence is most probably not very high and if breast feeding the weight of engorged breasts will contribute to added weight in the chest... It’s important to correct positioning where possible to avoid the constant rounding of our shoulders. 

Posterior or Anterior pelvic tilt:

This can limit flexibility, encourage relaxed/pushed out core muscles. PPT/APT can load the lumbar spine and create lower back pain and issues. 

This can be from being unaware of having a ‘very’ relaxed standing posture. Caused by locking out knees, not actively engaging correct muscles, muscle fatigue, low strength in legs & abdominals, poor lifting technique by using back to hinge lift loads and not using leg muscles & bracing core correctly. 

Disengaged abdominals:

During pregnancy we gradually get used to not having much core strength because well... there’s been a baby growing in-between them. So our abdominals separate to allow for a baby to fully develop in our tummies. 

Once our baby is born our abdominals will slowly return together, we can definitely promote this by encouraging correct posture and gentle exercises targeted for recovering and rebuilding abdominals postpartum. 


We hope this has helped give you guidance as to why your posture is so important postpartum and how to fix it at home. If you do have any further questions relating to posture please contact your physiotherapist or you can contact Kat directly via instagram account @kat_soulfit or email katbrucecoaching@gmail.com


Img by @mumma.movement


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