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5 things every mumma needs in her fourth trimester

Congratulations on officially becoming a Mumma! The first few weeks after birth can be a little hectic while you get to know the adorable tiny human you just created (you superhero!), but it’s important to remember that pregnancy and labour are the equivalent of running a marathon. This postpartum period is also known as the fourth trimester, and one to be taken seriously for your health and wellbeing. It is so important that to take some time for a little self-care and recovery. Long hot showers, naps and taking it easy will help your body bounce back in no time. And to make life a little easier for you, we have selected the top 5 self-care essential items to help you get back to feeling normal as quickly as possible. We hope they help!


Breast & perineum remedial packs  

For any new mumma you might be confronted with condom filled ice blocks or frozen nappies as your quick solution to extremely soreness and swollenness in your breasts and perineum if you are not prepared. Your body has been through enough woman, doesn’t it deserve some respect when repairing it?! You are worth more than condoms and nappies, and who better than Ice Ice Booby providing you with the most wonderful choice when recovering from a natural birth. With this breast and perineal pack, you have full support in aiding your recovery process by helping soothe and decrease any pain and inflammation in these areas, and if you only need support in either area, Ice Ice Booby provide this pack as separates to.


Postpartum soak

Oh mumma bear, this is an is an essential to helping support your body's natural healing process post childbirth. Infused with a rich herbal & magnesium blend, this postpartum soak by The Hermosa Co soothes soreness, stimulates blood flow, fights infection, reduce swelling, aids in the healing on tears and soothes the perineum. Simple pour a cup into a warm bath, and soak peacefully when you can simply rest for 20 minutes. Not only does a postpartum soak provide you a natural healing process, it also promotes relaxation for your mind and body. We simply love the postpartum soak by The Hermosa Co because of it’s natural ingredients that simpy smell divine and radiant while healing your body.


Maternity pads

It shouldn’t be no surprise that maternity pads are on the essentials list, I mean, it should already be in your hospital bag. What we love about TOM Organic maternity pads is that they are extra long, have maximum absorbency and elasticised when providing you comfort in your fourth trimester. And if you are someone who is eco-friendly and environmentally conscience these pads are organic, biodegradable and hypoallergenic pads. Truly a winner in our eyes!


Nursing Bra

Please do not underestimate how your breasts are going to be feeling when you are feeding and pumping for majority of your postpartum period and beyond. Hotmilk have a reputation for delivering stylish maternity essentials when it comes to comfort, and we couldn’t love their new wirefree pump/nursing bra. This 2 in 1 nursing bra is an ultimate essential for any breastfeeding mumma who not only needs comfort but also ease and protection. This nursing bra makes your life so much easier when you need to feed on demand and pump anywhere, anytime.


Belly Band

If you have been surprised with a c-section delivery or have experienced/experiencing some discomfort in your back and lower hips during your pregnancy, birth or recovery, then this belly band is essential to your road to recovery. Designed by physiotherapists, the 3 in 1 Belly Band helps treat pelvic girdle, lower back pain, Diastasis Recti, support internal organs, assist in post body trim down and reduce pain in wounds. What’s so trustworthy that it works? It has been medically endorsed. 


Mumma, We cannot stress enough your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing during this is critical to adapting in your new environment. Let us take focus on nurturing you during your recovery while you focus on your baby. We’ve got you every step of the way, and if you need any further support with your postpartum care you can head to our recovery collection or nursing and breastfeeding collection for more top quality Australian products or our services page for where to get local support. 

We got you in the moments that matter. Enjoy every minute of your motherhood journey mumma, you are a hero.

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