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A Mother’s Day gift for new & expectant mumma’s.

There is no greater gift than the gift of life, but why not treat a mum-to-be or new Mumma with some pampering this Mother’s Day. Whether it is enjoying some “me-time” before the baby arrives or some self-love once the baby is born, there is a gift for every stage that will keep her feeling relaxed and comfortable. What is even better, you can create your own gift pack of all the things you love. 

Here is our top picks for this Mother’s Day by stage.

Mumma’s in their first trimester (0 – 3 months)

During the early stages of pregnancy Mumma-to-be will probably be experiencing symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, headaches, and fatigue. She may be feeling unlike herself and therefore deserves some TLC this Mother’s Day with self-care essentials to help her feeling better. Some lovely gift ideas include

  1. An organic lavender scented eye pillow – to take a well-deserved restful moment and relieve tension headaches and migraines while growing a human life inside her belly.
  2. Pregnancy and birth affirmation cards – these positive affirmations help keep Mumma-to-be calm and feeling confident in her pregnancy and prepares her for a positive birth experience.
  3. Aromatherapy essential oils - to support her pregnancy symptoms like nausea, morning sickness, muscle aches and pains, relieving stress and sleep deprivation. Definitely a beautiful and thoughtful gift on it’s own!
  4. Wellness Tea – Help mumma-to-be restore her glow and settle any queasy feeling that she may be experiencing during this time.

Mumma’s in their second trimester (4 – 6 months)

Trimester 2 is all about getting that glow and feeling energised. While she may start feeling her energy come back, some may not get that glow they are so hoping for. What better way this Mother’s Day to give a Mumma-to-be some pregnancy related beauty essentials so she can feel radiant as her beautiful belly continues to grow. Some wonderful gift ideas includes

  1. Belly oil – There is no better feeling for a woman that having her skin feel moisturised and hydrated while reducing the occurrence of stretch marks. Definitely one for the gift pack!
  2. Magnesium Bath Salts – Treat Mumma-to-be with a bath to get her feeling instantly refreshed and nourished mentally and physically during her pregnancy. What woman doesn’t love a bath?!
  3. Belly Mask – Enjoy the ultimate self-care moment during your pregnancy with a belly facial that hydrates and firms her skin
  4. The Baby Bible – While taking a bath in essential oils and bath salts, why not give Mumma-to-be the time to really relax and catch up on some reading time about taking care of herself during pregnancy and beyond with a little humour along the way?! This book is such an enjoyable read.

Mumma’s in their third trimester (7 – 9 months)

The home stretch for mumma-to-be! During this time it is all about being prepared and getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. But that doesn’t mean “suck it up.” Why not help a mumma out by reducing her stress, keeping her comfortable and help her get ready for birth?! Below are some fabulous ideas to spoil her with:

  1. Magnesium Spray – Mumma-to-be is starting to feel some soreness and tightness in her muscles during trimester 3. You can help her increase her Mg levels in the skin with this beautiful spray
  2. Pregnancy Soak – with a touch of tranquillity, treat mumma-to-be with a body relaxer that aids in relieving sore and swollen muscles, aches, pains and itches whilst also providing moisture to keeping her skin resilient during a stressful time. Trust us, she will thank you for this!
  3. Raspberry Leaf Tea – Does mumma-to-be need a restful moment? This raspberry leaf tea provides her not only relaxation of her mind but also her body so she is prepared for birth.
  4. Labour Blend – help keep mumma-to-be calm, relaxed and prepared for her labour experience with this beautifully scented labour blend. It will help in reducing stress, anxiety and tension, while restoring focus and relaxation to revive her mental energy.

Mumma’s in their fourth trimester (Motherhood)

She did it! The superwoman she is has delivered a baby! What a truly magical moment for her, and nonetheless truly exhausting. While this new mumma is soaking up her new life and never taking her eyes off what she made, she deserves more than ever some self-love and time to recover. Why not spoil her with some self-care essentials to assist in her recovery while she focuses on nurturing her newborn baby. Some great ideas are

  1. Beauty sleep balm – Don’t underestimate the power of beauty sleep, and during this stage, mumma is not getting any. Help her by giving her this wonderful miracle in a tube to relax, soothe and nourish her for a good night sleep (as much as she can)
  2. Nipple cream – I will leave this up to the new mumma to tell you the impact of sore, swollen and cracked nipples has on your first few days as a new mum trying to breastfeed. Do her a favour and let her know you are there for her (and her boobies) with a nipple balm that protects her and the baby.
  3. Perineum spray – Well this is a given. A beautiful and feminine looking bottle that provides our new mumma the healing it requires during her postpartum recovery if she has had a vaginal birth.
  4. Postpartum soak – Mumma needs some time to herself to repair her body from the trauma it has been through. Get her in an organic pink clay, lavender and rose petal Epson salt bath that simply smells beautiful but most importantly harvests her body in magnesium to rejuvenate her skin and mind.


Well, there you have it guys and girls. Our list to providing an expectant or new mumma with a gift for this Mothers Day, and don’t forget, you can create your own magical, thoughtful Mother’s Day gift by heading to “create your own box” and selecting your favourite options that are unique to her pregnancy experience.  

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