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A postpartum doula’s self-care tips for new mummas

Those first few weeks of being a new mumma can be equal parts joyful, terrifying and wonderful. You’re sleep deprived, filled with love and probably leaking (if you’re breastfeeding). That’s why we love the idea of getting a postpartum doula to help you transition into this new phase of your life.

We asked one of our favourite postpartum doulas, Selena Van Loon, for her expert advice on the kind of self-care that new mummas should try to fit in their busy days. You know the saying, fit your own oxygen mask first, right? 

  1. Have a freezer full of frozen meals ready to go! This can include pre-made smoothie and juicing packs, as well as lunches and snacks. Remember that fresh is best for a new mumma.
  1. Get groceries delivered. Don’t try and do a shop when you are still recovering and save your partner the stress of trying to do one on their own. Just do an online shop and take the hassle out of it.
  1. Stock up on the essential minerals and vitamins. Help your body recover from childbirth and pregnancy, as well as sleep deprivation, by asking your GP or naturopath for the best nutrients and vitamins for you and your situation.
  1. Add magnesium to your daily routine. It’s a wonder mineral and is so great for muscles recovery, sleep better and an energy boost. Try supplements, body sprays and bath soaks. 
  1. Get massages. But make sure they are from professionals who understand how to massage new mummas.
  1. Lean on your village. Try creating a meal and cleaning roster with five or so of your friends or family.
  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You would be surprised how many friends and family will be willing to be of service. Don’t be afraid to speak up and also ask other mothers around you how they do it. 

If you would like to reach out to Selena during your crazy beautiful time as a new mumma, contact her via email selena.vanloon@gmail.com; she is based in Sydney NSW.


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