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Classic TV shows to watch during those 3am feeds.

Congratulations on having a baby mumma, now it’s time say goodbye to your precious nights of sleep and be prepared for a solid few months of night time feeds with your newborn. We know how hard it can be to function with broken sleep or stay awake while your baby is hungry, but do not worry, we have a little tip for keeping you sane. Get into a TV show!! We have listed a few of our favourite, easy to watch TV shows to help get you through those sleepless nights while feeding your newborn baby, especially during the dreaded 3:00am feed.


  1. Friends

Probably the best TV show of all time and never get sick of watching, no matter which season or episode you have on.And if you are the one in a million who hasn’t watched the entire 10 series let’s give you a reason to. Six close friends dealing with life, love and sexual tension while living and working in New York City. With 6 different personalities it is hard not to relate to at least 1 of these characters and with so many jokes, so much comedy, so many surprises and awwws, and squeals of live-studio audience excitement it makes it so easy to watch. Perfect for an episode during a feed, or a few more while your baby is sleeping.  


  1. Grace & Frankie

Do yourself a favour ladies and get onto this show if you already haven’t! It will give you a good old belly laugh as 2 women find out their husbands are romantically involved after a 20 year affair and come together to cope their way through it. If that hasn’t got you intrigued, let’s just say you have 1 lady is a businesswoman/model and the other a free spirited hippie. Got you interested to see what they get up to? Good! It is worth every bit of time you have. With heart-warming yet funny moments, this show is so easy to watch over and over again. 


  1. New Girl

I found myself in COVID-19 lockdown flicking through Netflix and coming across this comedy sitcom about a bubbly girl in her 20’s moving into a loft with 3 guys after she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her! (relatable to some I assume?!) Of course it is, so many of us have been in this position before, am I right?! This show is all about the highs and lows of dating and finding love with the most quirky personalities. It is so easy to just have it on for some background noise, binge watch in bed or watch an episode here n there.


  1. Everybody loves Raymond.

Oh who hasn’t heard of this show?! A man with it all. A family, a wife, a great job, a house and a bloody crazy set of parents. Relatable? I can feel you nodding right now. This show is all about the rollercoaster of family life, and my goodness is it funny! While Ray projects the perfect life he uses his sense of humour to cope with his parents and brother who live across the street and always leaving the hard things to his wife (relatable again?) I think so. There is nothing to not love about this show and it is even great to watch with your partner when you finally get some down time, or over a meal in the lounge room for a little relationship banter


  1. Schitt’s Creek

From riches to rags this story is about a family who were once wealthy to now nothing, forced to relocate and live a life without lots of money. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see how people adapt from a life of everything to just like so many of us? This comedy is six seasons worth of hilarious content and stories that had me laughing and loving this family dynamic! Definitely a good one to add to your list. 


Well, that’s our top 5 favourite TV shows to watch ladies, we would love to know if you have any more recommendations that we haven’t listed, and most of all, enjoy those warm and cosy newborn cuddles! 


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