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Essential Apps for Pregnancy and Postnatal

Have you just found out that you’re pregnant? Are you trying for a baby or have you already had your baby and are thinking… now what?! 

Don’t worry, there are literally hundreds of apps out there to help. The challenge is knowing which ones are worth the download.

So to help, we’ve pulled together our list of Something For Mumma recommended apps that we have used and found useful. Some overlap in what they do, so you don’t need all of them, and, of course, none replace seeking actual medical attention, but they will definitely help along the way. 

Note: Something For Mumma is in no way affiliated with any of the apps below. 



1. FLO Health 

To kick off our recommendations, is period and pregnancy tracker, FLO. With two modes, ‘getting pregnant’ and ‘pregnancy’, this app helps you calculate your fertility timeline and provides an ovulation tracker, allowing you to track your cycle, period and PMS. This allows you to log dates, follow favourable conception days, predict upcoming periods and log your symptoms. A health AI assistant is also available providing scientific and medical knowledge to support your pregnancy journey. FLO’s pregnancy calculator and tracker can help you with a countdown to the birth of your baby, track your pregnancy weekly and provide relevant articles to support your current stage. The app is free with the option of upgrading to Flo Premium, where you’ll receive personalised insights based on your symptoms and health report. To be honest, this app was my daily check in while trying toget pregnant and being pregnant. I didn’t need FLO Premium, but you might.   



2. Pregnancy + App

Our second recommendation is the app Pregnancy +, which has daily information about your pregnancy including a personal diary for diet, exercise, and your appointments. If you’re a visual person, you’ll love the beautiful imagery of your baby’s growth each week. Another key feature is the ability to sync your Health app on your iPhone, which can be really useful.  What love about this app it has a contraction timer for when you are showing sign of labour. So rather than downloading yet another app to understand your contractions, this one has it covered. Just to add a little sugar on top, Pregnancy + also provides you a little light reading with a baby names list and a shopping list function, which can come in handy when you are looking to purchase the ‘essentials – trust me! This app is free but if you do want some of the tools (Pregnancy Premium) you do have to subscribe.


3. BUB – Pregnancy Companion 

This app has clearly nailed it with providing access to professionals at any time during your pregnancy. Real people talking to you at any time. Why wait for your next appointment to ask a simple question when you can head to the BUB app and ask a professional straight away?
What is lovely about this app is the community spirit it brings Mumma’s and Mumma’s to be. BUB has created an open and honest community forum to share personal experiences and progression pictures. Now, just to set your expectations… none of this is free, the app itself is a subscription model. However, their Instagram page has a lot of their insights and content if you’re not keen to pay. And if you’re someone who likes to speak to a professional, we highly recommend taking the subscription.


4. My Pregnancy & Baby Today by Baby Centre. 

This award-winning app provides expert info, insights, tips and daily support for pregnancy and baby’s first year. We also loved seeing what your baby looks like each week with detailed foetal developments, images and videos. My Pregnancy & Baby Today is similar to the other apps we’ve listed, but we would say it’s more content driven and less ‘pretty’, however it has some exceptional articles and information for your pregnancy and baby post birth. We recommend downloading this app as soon as you fall pregnant, especially as it’s free!


5. The Wonder Weeks

Ok, so now you’ve had your baby and it’s time to track their development. What now? Well, this app is a lifesaver when trying to understand your baby’s mental development and why they are behaving the way they are. This is a must-have in my opinion and the one app I feel I use more than any other. Not only does it track your baby’s development, it helps you as a parent understand the leaps and bounds of your baby’s fussy phases. Even though it’s a paid app ($5.99) it is worth it! Trust me! 


6. Feed safe

To our breastfeeding Mumma’s, you’re going to need this! Let’s be real here, you’re probably dying for a drink. If you want to know when it is OK to have a drink (or two) and still feed, download this app! Not only is it free but Feed Safe helps you understand the guidelines on how much alcohol affects breastmilk, enabling you to calculate when it is safe to breastfeed, plus it also has useful breastfeeding information. Don’t take the risk. Download it and be safe.  


7. Sleep Well Baby

Our last recommendation is based around sleep and feeding routines for your baby. The reason we highly recommend this is one is because sleep deprivation is a real concern for new Mummas and when they say “sleep when the baby sleeps” the only way for that to happen, is when your baby is actually sleeping! So, when it comes to planning tools to track any sleep or feed developments for new parents, the Tresillian sleep app called ‘Sleep Well Baby’ is the way to go. This app was created by Tresillian Family Care Centres, which was founded over 100 years go, so they know what they’re talking about! You’ll find a specialist telehealth service offering your support after seven days of tracking symptoms. This app is currently free due to COVID-19 so get it ASAP.


Is your favourite app not here? Email us at hello@somethingformumma.com.au and tell us why you like it. We’d love to know!


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