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Five things every Mumma needs in her second trimester

Mumma say hello to the famous second trimester! In this trimester (weeks 13 – 28) you will gain some energy back, experience less nausea (hopefully) and start to see a little baby bump appear.

If you haven’t downloaded a pregnancy app yet, we highly recommend you do so. A pregnancy app can help support the week you are in by providing you relevant information and support to track your pregnancy on a daily basis.

In trimester 2 you will start to experience some uncomfortableness with sleeping positions, your body changing and your pants no longer fitting! So, to help care for your growing body, combat those sleep challenges and soothe sore muscles, we have listed our top 5 products that we believe to be essential buys. 


Belly Band

A belly band is such a great item to wear when you are in-between the stage of things starting to not fit. What is so great about the Belly Band by Yummy Maternity is that it adapts to your growing belly and is definitely value for money when you can use it as a bra in your early breastfeeding stages when your breasts are swollen.

Comfortable Leggings

Now this is literally the most essential maternity item you can think of to buy in your pregnancy journey. You’ll want a pair or 2 that are soft and comfortable with a stretchy waistband that will grow with you. We love these Soft Bamboo Maternity Leggings by Bamboo Body as they provide you optimal comfort during your pregnancy and after birth during your recovery.

Pregnancy Pillow

Another super essential item if you value your sleep, (who doesn't love sleep?!). I cannot recommend enough the Full Body Pregnancy Pillow that is designed specifically to provide relief from joint aches, pains and discomfort in tension areas. It’s that great that you’ll be having to get your pets or partner off it!


Stretch Mark Oil

Definitely a trimester 2 must have. As your body changes it is so important to protect your skin and support it's elasticity. Stretch mark ointments like the Weleda Stretch Mark Oil are a great aid in preventing stretch marks from forming, but just remember that stretch marks are stripes to be worn proudly ladies. This oil in particular is a certified all-natural skincare product that has been dermatologically tested and developed with midwives and pharmacists.

Maternity Bra

Your breasts are going to start getting bigger (yay!) and you will want something soft, comfortable and supportive for everyday wear with some room for your boobs to grow into. Cadenshae Racerback Everyday Bra is great for everyday wear as well as exercise during your pregnancy. You know your boobs are looked after when this product has been medically endorsed and proven to help with pain during pregnancy.


Trimester 2 is an exciting time in your pregnancy because you will start to experience many wonderful first moments. These include finding out the gender (if you want to), feeling your baby's first kick, and finally having a belly bump that isn't caused by food.

Each pregnancy experience is different and your choice in products to use on your body is a personal one, so to provide you options in support we have a handful of recommended products to suit your preferences in our trimester 2 collection.

Please note; if you have any concerns with your symptoms we strongly recommend speaking to your doctor or midwife.


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