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Five things every Mumma needs in her third trimester

You’re on the home run now mumma! It won't be long now until you meet your teeny tiny baby. You’re probably starting to think your belly can’t get much bigger, right? Spoiler alert: it will. This last trimester (weeks 29 – 40) is a time when your pregnancy, labour and the thought of being a mumma will start to feel very real. As you are nearly at the end of your pregnancy and you’re probably feeling pretty good, minus the waddling and some aches and pains, you are rushing around finishing off projects and seeing your friends, when in reality you need to rest, put your feet up and sleep (in that order!).

While you may be experiencing symptoms such as Braxton-hicks contractions, swollen ankles, backache, itchy skin and all round fatigue we have chosen our top 5 products that are essential to your complete comfort and relaxation while you prepare for birth.


A Pregnancy Soak

With the Himalayan salt and epsom salt detoxifying the body and relieving it from tension and aching muscles, a pregnancy soak like the "Relax Me" Bath Soak from Little Bairn perfect for keeping you calm and relaxed in your pregnancy. With organic rose petals and lavender flowers, this pregnancy soak helps soothe the body and calms your senses throughout your pregnancy experience. 

Hospital Bra 

Do not underestimate the need for a comfy bra to wear in the first few days on motherhood. The My Necessity Hospital Bra by Hotmilk is literally a hospital bag must have. Not only does it stretch and grows with your changing body shape through your pregnancy but also in the first few days of breastfeeding when your breasts are swollen, sore and potentially cracked.

Belly Band

The Pregnancy & C-Section 3-in-1 Belly Band was designed by physiotherapists to help treat pelvic girdle, lower back pain, Diastasis Recti, and support internal organs. It is ideal for managing that backpain you most likely are experiencing in your third trimester. This band is also ideal in assisting in post body trim down and reducing pain in wounds post birth if you do have a c-section.

Raspberry Leaf Tea

I’m sure you have heard about Raspberry Leaf Tea by now. Well, it has been said that Raspberry leaf aids in the mother’s immune system and prepares your uterus for when the time comes to welcome your baby into the world. It is used only in the third trimester as a natural way to having an ‘easier’ labour. The great thing about Raspberry leaf is that it provides your body B vitamins, iron, magnesium and more which nourish and contribute to the healing process after labour. 

Heat Pad / Pack

Particularly in the third trimester as ligaments shift and the weight of the uterus increases, many women experience back and abdominal pain. It is okay to use a heating pad for brief periods that do not raise your temperature too much but can aid in giving you some ease and relief from aching muscles and ligaments.


So while each pregnancy experience is different and your choice in products to use on your body is a personal one, we have a range of options to support your preferences in our trimester 3 collection. This time is your last chance to relax and get prepared, as your little bundle of joy will grace you with their presence when they are ready! 

Please note; if you have any concerns with your symptoms we strongly recommend speaking to your doctor or midwife.


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