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Our product list of hospital bag must haves

You’ve previously read our blog “a midwife’s guide to packing your hospital bag” which should have given you the full list of what is recommended to pack in your hospital bag for when you are going to give birth. Now, it's time to share with you specifically what we have based on this guide to go into your bags. 

Let’s start with your labour bag.

Out of all the things you need for labour, we have the following to help assist you with comfort, relaxation and positive vibes.

  1. Essential oils like the Calming Labour Blend is there to help assist with reducing stress, anxiety and tension, restores focus and relaxation, revives mental energy, and bring you a sense of calm during your labour. 
  1. A comfortable pillow is highly recommended. Bring your full body pregnancy pillow so you can be comfortable in any position pre, during or post labour.
  1. Affirmation cards like The Positive Birth & Pregnancy Affirmation Cards are a great source of empowerment through stressful times like labour. These cards promote a positive birth experience and provide you a sense of confidence that you got this Mumma.

Your Hospital Stay Bag

This bag is everything you need to be comfortable and recover during your stay in hospital. This is where we can provide you maximum support while feeling like yourself as you nurture your newborn baby.

  1. You'll need comfortable underwear, so whether you want to wear a pad or not, you have options. You can either go for your normal underwear and wear a pad (due to post birth bleeding) or you can go with maternity disposable underwear. Used post birth and during your recovery, they are used day or night to manage leakage or a heavy flow.
  1. Do not underestimate how many pads you may need. Keep a stash just in case. We highly recommend TOMs Organic maternity pads because they are extra-long, have maximum absorbency and elasticised.
  1. You will require some cold therapy on those areas that have been through the birthing experience, in particular your breasts and perineal (if you have had a vaginal birth). The maternity care ice pack for pre and post natal recovery will provide ease while breastfeeding as well as discomfort from birth.
  1. If you have had a caesarean delivery, you will still need ice packs for your breasts. These packs by BodyICE are amazing because they are TGA certified, hypoallergenic, shaped to go inside your bra, around your nipple and provide you maximum support and comfort so you can carry on with your day.
  1. A nursing bra is essential as you will commence breastfeeding from the day you give birth. Our favourite hospital bag must have is the Necessity multi-fit hospital bra by Hotmilk because not only is it ideal from pregnancy to postpartum and breastfeeding, it is super soft, no seams, has a flexible cup and is wire free. I mean – ultimate comfort for those poor boobies.
  1. Those poor boobies will need some nourishment over the first few days, especially while you are trying to breastfeed. You will want a rich nipple cream like The Hermosa Co Nipples that will sooth, protect and heal sore and cracked nipples which is highly likely. We have a great collection of nipple creams and recommend a breastfeeding safe option that is organic and free from lanolin and harsh chemicals.


So, there you have it ladies, 9 items from our collections that need to be in your hospital bag. Don’t forget that within these items we have options to suit your personal preferences. And if you find while you’re in hospital you need something else to aid or support your recovery or breastfeeding journey, we got you there also.


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