• Will I be able to breastfeed? Understanding your milk supply and what can happen if you are low.

    Even though most new mums plan to breastfeed, the hardest part can be not knowing if you can (for example if you have low milk supply) and what your options are. We speak to Registered Nurses, Endorsed Midwives and Lactation Consultants Deyana and Cheryl from Bundle and Me about understanding how your milk supply starts, the signs of low milk supply and what can be done to help support your breastfeeding journey if you chose to. View Post
  • I’m a new mum; but who am I? Dealing with loss of identity in motherhood.

    Nothing welcomes you more to motherhood than completely losing yourself. You look in the mirror and not sure who you see looking back at you. You haven’t showered in days, your hair isn’t brushed, you’re wearing PJs at 4pm and you probably can’t remember what you did 15 minutes ago. Don't worry, you are not alone. View Post
  • Breast or Bottle? It’s your choice.

    One of the most controversial topics that new mums face is whether to breastfeed, mix feed or formula feed their bub. And while Facebook groups, forums and mothers’ groups may debate over which method is best, here at Something for Mumma we understand that sometimes exclusive breastfeeding just isn’t an option.  View Post