Trimester 1

  • Top 5 Tips for a Positive Birth Experience

    So here we are, pregnant! It doesn’t matter the journey to how we got here, we’re here now and the next journey is upon us. So where do we start? Here are our top 5 tips for a positive pregnancy and birth planning.  View Post
  • Five things every Mumma needs in her first trimester

    The first trimester (weeks 1 -12) is a vital time as you begin to prepare yourself physically (and mentally) for growing a baby in that belly of yours. As you prepare for your pregnancy journey, you might want to look into some products that can help relieve some of those first trimester niggles if you are experiencing any. Here are our top five suggestions to help support and nurture you.  View Post
  • 5 Pregnancy-safe skin treatments to book today

    When you’re pregnant, knowing what is safe and what isn’t when it comes to skin care can be worrying. So to take the hard work out of it, we asked Dermal Therapist, Ellie Jade Brennan, from Erin Aesthetics, for help. View Post
  • Common Pregnancy Skin Issues (and how to treat them)

    From the moment you find out that you’re pregnant, you’ll notice a bucketload of changes to your body. Apart from your growing belly, your hair may become thicker and you may notice changes to your skin and nails as well. 

    We spoke to dermal therapist, Ellie Jade Brennan at Erin Aesthetics about why some of us get the famous pregnancy 'glow' and some of us are blessed with acne and pigmentation!

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  • Miscarriage, let’s talk about it.

    Miscarriage is irreversible, uncontrollable and highly emotional, yet it’s probably the most commonly kept secret by women all around the world. How do you know if you are miscarrying? What do you do if you think you are? And how do you cope during and afterwards? This is my story. View Post
  • Essential Apps for Pregnancy and Postnatal

    Have you just found out that you’re pregnant? Are you trying for a baby or have you already had your baby and are thinking… now what?!
    Don’t worry, there are literally hundreds of apps out there to help. The challenge is knowing which ones are worth the download.
    We’ve pulled together our list of our recommended apps that we have used and found useful. 

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