Trimester 3

  • Top 5 Christmas gift ideas for someone pregnant

    If you are thinking that Christmas has come around so fast, you may not be completely ready for who you need to buy for. So, here is a little list of some really nice gift ideas for someone who is expecting a baby. 

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  • Empowering women to embrace their beauty in pregnancy & postpartum

    Are you pregnant or just had your baby and having one of those days where you just don’t feel like yourself? Yeah, me too, and doesn’t it suck?! I mean, we are making a human! We are incredible human beings. And yet somehow, we have these moments where we are so hard on ourselves. So I ask you. Would you help another new mumma or mumma-to-be going through the same thing? If yes, then this blog is for you.  View Post
  • Our product list of hospital bag must haves

    You’ve read the blog on “a midwife’s guide to packing your hospital bag” which should have given you the full list of what is recommended to pack in your hospital bag for when you are going to give birth. Now, it's time to share with you specifically what we have based on this guide to go into your bags.  View Post
  • The beauty in pregnancy

    You feel nauseous, pants no longer fit and don’t get me started on your ankles, or should I say cankles…so where is this beauty we hear about in pregnancy?! Well, with all the changes that happen it’s only natural to have doubt about feeling and looking beautiful but let me remind you that you are creating a life, and there is so much beauty in that alone. However, there are some truly beautiful things that happen to you during pregnancy that should be celebrated, and here they are.


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  • Why self-care in your pregnancy is essential

    Being pregnant can be a wild experience for some. A lot of your focus will be doing things that are good for your baby, but a big part of protecting your baby is actually looking after yourself. I didn’t realise this the first-time round, and now with a second baby on the way, I wanted to share some self-care tips that will get you feeling a whole lot better physically, mentally and emotionally as you prepare for the arrival of your baby. These tips are small, really easy to do and will make such a difference in your pregnancy journey.

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  • The C Word…

    Not the word I was expecting to use to describe the birth of my baby boy. A caesarean. But low and behold, an emergency c-section is what was in store for me and my bub. This is Liana Rae's birth story. A change of plan, a pandemic, and a life changing moment View Post
  • Top 5 Tips for a Positive Birth Experience

    So here we are, pregnant! It doesn’t matter the journey to how we got here, we’re here now and the next journey is upon us. So where do we start? Here are our top 5 tips for a positive pregnancy and birth planning.  View Post
  • Five things every Mumma needs in her third trimester

    You’re on the home run now mumma! It won't be long now until you meet your teeny tiny baby. While you may be experiencing symptoms such as Braxton-hicks contractions, swollen ankles, backache, itchy skin and all round fatigue we have chosen our top 5 trimester 3 must have's that are essential to your complete comfort and relaxation while you prepare for birth. View Post