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The beauty in pregnancy

You feel nauseous, pants no longer fit and don’t get me started on your ankles, or should I say cankles…so where is this beauty we hear about in pregnancy?! Well, with all the changes that happen it’s only natural to have doubt about feeling and looking beautiful but let me remind you that you are creating a life, and there is so much beauty in that alone. However, there are some truly beautiful things that happen to you during pregnancy that should be celebrated, and here they are...

The Pregnancy Glow

The pregnancy glow is real, for some, and caused by an increase in blood volume, hormone fluctuations, and an increase in the oil glands making your skin shinier and healthier. If you are one of the lucky ones to experience the glow, it will appear in your second trimester and last until birth, so lap it up as much as you can!

Fuller Lips

Move over sore feet and headaches and hello to a slightly more uncommon symptom of pregnancy, fuller lips. As swelling is a common symptom in pregnancy and the increase in blood flow that contributes to that pregnancy glow, you can experience plumper looking lips – yes please! I mean, who wouldn’t want a free lip filler even if it is for a few months right?!

Thicker and Shinier Hair

Thanks again to hormones your hair that typically loses 100 strands a day doesn’t lose any while you are pregnant, which means VOLUME baby!!! With thicker and shinier hair, you will be walking around looking like you’ve just had a treatment at a salon.

Nails are Stronger

Who would have thought that pregnancy can develop stronger, faster-growing nails?! You can thank the hormone estrogen and change in blood pressure for this one. So get your little manicure set ready and give your nails some love during your pregnancy.

Breasts are bigger

Provided you always wanted bigger boobs, here is your opportunity to flaunt it. One of the best perks to a lot of women out there in their pregnancy is their breasts doubling in size. This is because the hormones in your body are now preparing to start making milk, also known as Lactogenesis. So, you can expect your breasts to jump around 2 cup sizes during your pregnancy (winning!). 

The belly bump

Since we are on the topic of physical changes that are beautiful, it would be silly to ignore your growing belly and what it symbolises. Your belly growing is a sign of your baby growing, and over the duration of your pregnancy you will feel your baby move (around 4 month mark) and this is just the most beautiful moment ever. What is even more magical, the more you rub your belly, the more your little baby responds to you. This is one of the ways you and your baby start to bond.  


How can I feel better if I am not feeling it

Mumma, your body is going through a lot of changes that have many symptoms and we hear you. There will be moments where you don’t feel beautiful or feel like yourself which is completely understandable and we have some little tips to help along the way.

Go and pamper yourself

You deserve some me time Mumma. With all the aches, pains and potential anxiety, a nice prenatal massage can do the trick and reliving tension and relaxing your mind, body and soul. Another way is to spoil yourself is to go get a pedicure. This will be too difficult to give yourself with your growing bump, and your feet will be feeling swollen, so why not put your feet up and soak up some soothing bath salts and beautiful pedicured toes by a professional. Another option is to allocate time to get yourself dolled up if you’re usually someone who get’s their hair and makeup done. There is nothing like feeling like yourself by doing the things you love doing that make you feel good. As Bobbi Brown said “makeup can do wonders during pregnancy. It can be used as a tool to feel pretty and in control.”

Get some beauty sleep

If you have a chance to lay down for half hour or so, I recommend it. Since you are probably having a broken and uncomfortable sleep, your body may be feeling a little lethargic and therefore your mood might be altered because of it. Why not put away your phone, get yourself into a nice pregnancy soak bath, then grab your pregnancy pillow and simply relax and read a book or close your eyes for a little bit. It will go a long way to helping boost your energy.  

Wear what makes your feel beautiful

Let’s face it, as our body changes, our clothes start to no longer fit and it can get quite frustrating. But here is your chance to go on a little retail therapy (what woman doesn’t love that?!) and check out some of the amazing labels who have designed trendy maternity clothes for you that suit your style, and budget. Some labels we love are BAE, Legoe, ASOS Maternity, Next Maternity and Boohoo Maternity.  

Go out and flaunt it

You are radiating in beauty Mumma, even if you don’t feel like it. Grab your partner and go on a date. This will not only help you grow and maintain your relationship but give you a confidence booster of love and affection directed specifically to you. Just remember that your partner finds you extremely attractive, especially while you are carrying and growing their baby too. It is important to give your relationship the love it deserves during this precious time also.


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