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100% Mulberry Silk Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

Say hello to your new best friend ladies.

With our 100% mulberry silk full body pregnancy pillow, you won't know what you ever did without it. 

Your body is currently is going through a lot of hormonal & body changes to grow a beautiful baby. Between the achy legs and body pains, to the hair breakage and potential skin irritations, you are also trying to rest and have a good night sleep (which may start to feel impossible by your third trimester). 

This pillow does it all. Whether it is watching tv, reading, sleeping or feeding your baby when they arrive, it has you covered. 



The Benefits

Natural temperature regulator  

Non toxic, antibacterial & hypoallergenic

Calms skin irritations such as eczema & dermatitis

No static electricity 

Anti-Aging properties

Hydrates skin & hair

Supports neck, spine, back, hips and head to prevent and relieve sciatica, heartburn, lower back pains and reduces swelling 

Stops restless tossing and turning



Ergonomic design 

100% mulberry silk pillowcase 


Product details:

Pillowcase is super soft with 19 momme 100% mulberry silk with an invisible zipper. 
Filling inside is 100% polyester hollow fibre making the pillow feel like a cloud.  

Tested and certified under OEKO-TEX Standard 100


Washing Instructions:  Cold hand wash only

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