About us

Welcome to Something For Mumma!
Let me start by saying how incredibly excited I am to be able to offer all you Mummas out there something a little different, a little newer and a little more personal when it comes to your pregnancy and postpartum journey.
Don’t worry, we won’t be starting this section with “It all began when I was pregnant….” or “I’ve been in your position before”. We’ve heard (and read) that too many times, and frankly if motherhood has taught us anything it’s that everyone’s experiences are different!
But what we will say is Something For Mumma was an idea that was actually requested and started by YOU.
How? Well, when I was a new Mumma myself, I surveyed over 100 expectant and Mummas (just like you) throughout Australia and this is what you told me.
You want a brand that offers:
  • Essential items (that last longer than three months!), which you can review and read reviews about
  • A curated range of options with authentic images, affordable prices and must-haves items
  • An online resource where you can connect to like-minded people, experiences and relevant services
  • A brand that makes a difference. That gives back.
With this in mind, we built Something For Mumma; an authentic and supportive resource that is all about you. So, while you focus on creating and bringing a new life into the world, we’ll focus on giving you the essentials for your pregnancy and motherhood journey.
You’ll see we have a range of our recommended essentials that are pregnancy-safe and lots of relevant (and trustworthy) information from professionals and other Mumma's.

At Something For Mumma we hope all mothers experience a positive pregnancy and parenthood. That’s why we donate $1 of every sale to Gidget Foundation Australia; a not-for-profit organisation providing programs to support the emotional wellbeing of expectant and new parents. So, thank you, your purchase is changing lives. 

Now, all you have to do is start exploring! Have fun browsing and we hope you find what you need,

Lots of Love,
Letitia Quaresimin
Founder of Something For Mumma

PS. Love our site? Or think we can do something better? We would love to hear from you, email us directly at hello@somethingformumma.com.au and let’s chat!