Our Sustainable Future

Something For Mumma is committed to being eco-conscious in our actions and promoting sustainability. Together with our partners, we have a three-step process in place to ensure that our customers enjoy a positive and impactful eco-friendly experience.

  1. Eco alliances
  2. Supporting Local Business            
  3. Sustainability Workplace

A little insight into our sustainability journey… 


At Something for Mumma we work with companies who share the same ecofriendly mindset as us. Our wonderful logo stickers are produced by No Issue, who make a huge contribution to global reforestation. For every order we make, No Issue will plant a tree in an area of need. We’re excited to be a part of this eco-goodness initiative and we cannot wait to see how many trees we plant in a year’s time!

We have also partnered with Aussie brand Hero Packaging, who offer an eco-conscious alternative to the usual plastic poly mailer bags. Amazingly, by using these certified-compostable shipping mailers we are able to help reduce the use of non-biodegradable plastic, much of which sadly ends up in our oceans.

We wrap our gorgeous products in beautiful tissue paper printed by The Wrapping Paper Company, an Australian brand that produces 100% environmentally friendly, recycled and reused product in Australia. We are just so thrilled to be a part of a local, ethical brand that has such a positive environmental impact.


Supporting Local Businesses

All of the products on our site have been locally handpicked. Not only do we care about the wellbeing in our community (and its future) but we also care about availability of top-quality Aussie products on our footstep. Working with local communities means less shipping and less environmental impact. Where we have been unable to source local products, we feature ethically produced overseas brands or products that promote safe, fair and humane working conditions.


A sustainable workplace

This is a must for us. Being a local provider ourselves, we understand how to implement sustainable workplace practises, from the compostable coffee pods we use to the recycled paper we print on. We take the time to get to know our customers and we also know (and trust) every product we feature. We are especially proud of our Preloved Collection, where we aim to reduce our environmental impact, promote recycling and help Mummas afford essential maternity products.