BodyICE Woman

Ice & heat packs for breasts


These breast ice & heat packs are used throughout your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey when they are feeling tender, sore and swollen. Simple place inside your bra and around your nipples for complete comfort. 

These inserts are made from non-toxic beads and are TGA certified and the outer sleeves are also disposable and hygienic.

Which symptoms can these packs be used for:

Breast surgery, breast feeding, blocked milk ducts, engorgement and general soreness.

What You’ll Find in your Breast Pack

Each breast pack from BodyICE Woman® contains:
2 x gel bead breast packs (for hot or cold use)
2 x breast sleeves

Instructions for Use:

COLD THERAPY: Place in freezer without disposable sleeves for approximately 2 hours 

HEAT THERAPY: Submerge in hot water without disposable sleeves or microwave for the suggested times below. Heat in additional 5-second increments until desired temperature is achieved. Always test temperature before application.

700 Watt Microwave: 20 seconds

1000 Watt Microwave: 15 seconds

1200 Watt Microwave: 10 seconds

: Wash with warm soapy water.

Slip on the protective, disposable sleeves provided before applying to your body. 

Recommendation for time on body is 20 minutes. 





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