Organic cotton extra grip nursing pads 6pk

 These beautifully printed organic cotton nursing pads are breathable, leak-proof and reusable. 

With extra grip, these soft nursing pads are non-slip and have a silicone-grip backing. 



  • Six pads.
  • Suitable for the end of pregnancy through to the end of breast feeding.
  • Fits bra cup size A to D.
  • Long lasting product that can be used and reused for years.
  • Gentle on skin, even sensitive.
  • Double sided, one with TPU lining to prevent leaks, silicone dots to keep in place.
  • Fits discreetly into nursing bras, crop tops, etc.
  • Strong and quality sewn edges to keep from fraying.
  • Great alternative to conventional disposal pads.
  • Machine wash cold in laundry bag.
  • $29.95