Nurture Care Naturals

Perineum Spray


This Perineal Spray soothes and relieves your perineum post birth by comforting you from itchiness, pain, discomfort, haemorrhoids and soreness.

It prevents the skin from cracking and reduces inflammations while preventing any bacterial infection.

This Peri Spray nourishes your sensitive damaged tissues after childbirth and  increases skin elasticity by nourishing your skin with minerals making it healthy, healing the after-effects of childbirth. 

Mist as often as needed, especially after bath or toilet use.

Neem leaf extract, Gotu kola leaf extract, Parsley extract, Thyme extract, Aloe Vera gel, Pink Himalayan salt, Lavender essential oil, Thyme essential oil, Vitamin E.
  • $32.80