Bare Mum

Postpartum Briefs


In love with these soft, stretchy and supportive postpartum briefs. Designed to hold a hot & cold pack and bring you soothing relief during those tender first few days postpartum. 

These briefs cater for either vaginal or caesarean births. Simply slide the cold / hot pack into the front opening of the briefs and place it over the site of c-section or slide it down the widened gusset, over the perineal area. 


• Reversible design - wear the pocket in or out
• Unique design to hold cold / hot pack
• Widened gusset to accommodate wearing maternity pads
• Supportive & stretchy
• Highly breathable and moisture-wicking to keep you dry
• Soft and comfortable seamless design
• Machine Washable
• OB-GYN & Midwife Approved
• Designed in Australia

  • $38.90