Belly Bands

Silicone Gel Scar Sheets


These silicone gel scar sheets are recommended by surgeons for wound healing. 

Ideal for those who have had a c-section birth, these sheets reduce, soften, flatten and fade scars by naturally moisturising your wound and preventing Keloid and Hypertrophic scarring.


    Box Contents:

    • 3 x 15x3cm Strips, (Cesarean strip) or 1 x 15x10cm Sheet (Large sheet)
    • High-grade medical Silicone
    • Self-Adhesive*, reusable and washable strips
    • Ultra-thin and flexible for comfort
    • Easier cover-up and soft to touch
    • Non-toxic and Latex-free
    • 4+ months supply in each box

    * If the self-adhesiveness of the silicone strip is not sufficient please use medical tape to help keep it in place. 

    • $59.00