Franjo's Kitchen

Tanker Topper Biscuits – Choc Chip (gluten free)

Are you gluten free/coeliac and want lactation support? Franjo's Kitchen have vegan and gluten free Choc chip cookies for you to enjoy. 

Not only are they delicious but also provide you much needed energy and support a healthy milk supply. 

Filled with essential vitamins, minerals and good fats, these cookies provide you the essential nutrients to cope as a new Mumma. 



Gluten-free flour mix (organic buckwheat, teff), organic coconut oil, organic coconut sugar, organic maple syrup, organic shredded coconut, choc chips (9%) (sugar, vegetable fat, cocoa powder [14% cocoa solids]), emulsifier (soy lecithin), vanilla flavour, organic quinoa flakes, flaxseeds, chia seeds, gluten free brewer’s yeast, bicarbonate of soda, water.


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  • $20.95