Bare Mum

Warm & Cool Insert

The most glorious design inserts on the market! These aid in your postpartum recovery to provide you soothing or cooling relief to those sensitive areas you have birthed a beautiful baby. 
Designed to pair up with the Postpartum Briefs by Bare Mum that we also stock, this reusable insert fits in the front opening for relief across the lower abdomen region or over a c-section site and in the widened gusset for perineal comfort.

• Reusable and hand washable 
• A curved design and soft material 
• Pliable even when frozen, to contour to your body comfortably
• Contains naturally derived, non toxic gel and real botanicals
• Safe - TGA Certified
• OB-GYN & Midwife Approved
• Designed in Australia

  • $24.90